COVID Restrictions

With effect from Sunday 25th July 2021, the following restrictions will be observed. 

1. SEATING: Our current seating arrangement is suitable for our needs and we need to be aware of the needs of those who value social distancing.

2. MASKS: Wearing of masks is not mandatory but please feel free to wear one if you wish. 

3. HAND SANITISER: Hand sanitizer will continue to be available and we encourage people to use it on entry and exit of the Church

4. CHURCH ENVIRONMENT AND ENTRY AND EXIT: As the warm weather continues doors will be left open. People are now free to leave from whatever exit they wish. Clergy will continue with lateral flow tests. You may consider this too.

5. REGISTER / TRACK AND TRACE:  We will continue registering who attends worship. The track and trace app can still be used with the QR code at the back of Church.

6. SINGING: There will be an Opening and Final Hymn. Singing behind masks can be done for those who choose to wear them. All other parts of the service remain said.

7. BELL RINGING: Bell ringing on Sunday and to practice is now permissible

8. COMMUNION: We are not comfortable at this stage with a Common cup. The host will continue to be brought to you in the Pew

9. PEACE: There will no sharing of the peace physically.

10. REFRESHMENTS AFTER CHURCH: For the time being we continue to feel uncomfortable offering refreshments.

11. VISITORS AND OPENING OF CHURCH: Church will remain open on Wednesdays only as normal.

12. CLEANING: Cleaning and polishing arrangements as before.

Agreed by Meeting of available PCC members on Wednesday 21st July 2021