Eco Church

St John's Church is the only church in the North West of England to have been given three consecutive Eco Congregation Awards. This award has been achieved over 10 years of practical projects, creation worship and community involvement, for which we have gained recognition in the Diocese and beyond. Whilst it has been aimed primarily at young people, there is full commitment from many adults and it attracts up to 50 followers for particular occasions. 

This award has now been replaced with the Eco Church Award for which St John's has received the Bronze Award. 

The congregation is project driven. In the past 12 years not only have we built the disabled access and toilet, but the approach lane has been resurfaced, the organ completely rebuilt and refurbished and the church redecorated twice. 

There have also been major fund-raising events for the Indonesian tsunami, the Haiti hurricane and the Nepal earthquake.

The churchyard and graveyard are managed under the Eco programme. There is a rota for maintaining them and on one Sunday each year, usually in October, designated as Worship in Wellies Sunday, the congregation bring their sandwich lunches and tidy up the churchyard and graveyard before Winter. Eco Events have taken place within the churchyard - bat watching, moth-trapping and falconry demonstrations. 

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