Promoting a safer church

As a parish church we have adopted the House of Bishop's 'Promoting a Safer Church' and the Parish Safeguarding Handbook incorporating the House of Bishop's Safeguarding Policy and Practice Guidance. 

Our PCC has formally adopted our parish's Safeguarding policy and this is reviewed annually. A copy of the policy can be accessed on this website under our Parish Policies section.

We have two designated safeguarding leads in the parish; they are Nicky Bailey and Revd. Canon Brian McConkey. They can be contacted by phone on 01254 878352 or by email. To email Brian click here

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults is defined as:

 Protecting them from maltreatment; preventing the impairment of their health or development; ensuring that they are provided with safe and effective care; and taking action to enable them to have the best outcomes. 

In respect of church life it is not just about protecting children and vulnerable adults from deliberate harm but also includes: 

    • health and safety
    • the use of reasonable force
    • meeting the needs of people with medical conditions
    • providing first aid
    • educational visits
    • internet and online safety

Reporting a concern

Any safeguarding concerns in respect of this parish should be brought to the attention of our safeguarding leads (contact details above) in the first instance who can seek further advice from the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser (DSA).

Tel: 01254 503070 or Mobile: 07711 485170 or email her by clicking here

A concern form can be accessed here

The following are links to the Diocesan Safeguarding team and other support agencies 

Diocesan safeguarding webpages and a document produced by the Diocese with Important contact numbers in respect of Safeguarding concerns.

NSPCC Child Protection helpline - 0800 800 5000 or website

Lancashire Safeguarding website